Bernstein received his BA degree from the University of North Carolina and his MFA degree from Rochester Institute of Technology (NY). Alex has been the head of the glass department at the Worcester Center for Crafts (MA) and taught at the Cleveland Institute of Art (OH), Rochester Institute of Technology (NY), the studio at the Corning Museum of Glass (NY), Penland School of Crafts (NC) and Pilchuck Glass School (WA).

His work is in the collections of the Corning Museum of Glass (NY), the Glassmuseum Frauenau (Germany), the Museum of Western New York and the Rochester Institute of Technology (NY), the Museum of Fine Arts (MA) and the Palm Springs Art Museum (CA), Philadelphia Museum of Art, (PA) and the Museum of Fine Arts (MA).

Alex currently works from his studio in Western North Carolina.

Abstract glass sculptures inspired from nature characterize the work of artist Alex Gabriel Bernstein.

“With each piece I make, I prepare for a journey, setting out to discover something new and exciting. Explaining my work, I use the metaphor of a poet. Talented poets do not write the same poems over and over, but they may use some of the same vocabulary in different poems. This is true of my sculpture.”

SCULPTING GLASS Asheville glass artist Alex Gabriel Bernstein uses molten glass to create amazing forms and shapes. Produced by Our State magazine and UNC-TV, with generous support from BB&T. Segment originally aired on 10/7/10.

Listen to the 'Talking Out Your Glass' podcast episode featuring Alex

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