Amy Putansu has been producing handmade textiles for over 20 years. Thread is her mark-making tool and dyes are her colorant in the fine and wearable textile art she makes by hand. Her current area of focus is the rare weaving technique of ondulé, with which she creates wall pieces using dyed fibers with textile paints and other methods for achieving abstract imagery on cloth. Amy has contributed to the Schiffer publication “Ondulé Textiles: Weaving with a Fan Reed” (by Norma Smayda and Gretchen White). Amy’s textiles are in permanent museum collections in the US and China, and notable private collections across the United States. She is presently full time faculty at a college in western North Carolina in the department of professional craft.

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Amy Putansu
June 28, 2019
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June 21, 2019
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