After receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Alfred University, Eric Pardue went on to serve a Winter Residency at Watershed Center for Ceramic Art in Maine and a studio assistantship at Peter’s Valley in New Jersey. Along with these, Eric spent a year as an apprentice for Jeff Shapiro in New York. After completing this apprenticeship, Eric moved back to his home state of West Virginia to set up the studio that he maintains in Milton, WV.

“In my current ceramic work, I am combining layers of underglaze, slips, glazes and decals of images that I come into contact with during my daily activities into a narrative. These narratives may refer to a specific current situation, past experience, a specific song lyric, or passages from books. Although the references I make are personal and come from my experiences, I do intend for the viewer to build on my intentions with their own ideas and to develop their own story as they interact with the piece.”

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