I try to make the story something universal , the anecdotal to raise exceptional, after all, the exceptional, by the rarity of this condition, should be considered purely anecdotal.

The world is vast and daunting. So is the art world too.
I can not look around me without being impress by a vision of exotic barbarism typical of southern Europe, Africa almost. We still mortally celebrate bullfights, little children climbing to the top of a human tower without fearing if they fall into the abyss, atheists walking to Virgin Macarena in tears, among many other features .

It is true that we have changed and now we are many things, but those other things, which are generally identical to the rest of humanity, do not claim my interest.

My imagination takes flight and things start to happen. Everyone knows it's better to die on a magnificent property of Sant Cugat del Valles than in a suburb of Paris. Inhabiting the ideas of others is creating one of the most controversial issues of our contemporaneity. If they find the Swamp Thing mowing the lawn on a Sunday morning, ask him what he thinks anout Marcel Duchamp or Sunday's game .

Finally let me explain one last thing. The choice and development of techniques that have taken me years to unfold study. I step the same streets that once trod Velázquez , Goya, Sorolla, Picasso and Casas. I believe that the pictorial heritage is as important as the narrative  and  my own choice of paint depends not just on my love for painting but also my general conception of art.

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