Artist Information


Born to an artist and an engineer, glass artist Cal Breed succeeds in combining the inherent expressive and critical traits into the framework for his creativity. He utilizes simple overlapping techniques to create optical distortions, and highlight contrasts of rich and vague color.

Breed received his BFA degree from Ohio State University and studied at Illinois State University, Haystack Mountain School of Crafts and Pilchuck Glass School. He received the Hoyt L. Sherman Memorial Scholarship Award, Mary Beason Bishop and Francis Sumner Merrit Scholarship, Edith Fergus Gilmore Scholarship and was a Pilchuck Glass School full Scholarship Recipient. His work has been exhibited extensively including at the Kentucky Museum of Arts and Design and can be found in numerous collections throughout the United States.

Cal currently works from his studio in Alabama.


"Form, color and decoration are chosen with specific intention to accentuate particular details in the glass. Purity is very important to me. Glass can be very challenging to manipulate without corrupting its purity. Glass never forgets a touch, so your touches must be specific and definite or your mistakes are forever locked in the glass."