Artist Information


Ceramist Christina Parrett Brinkman's sculptures are studies in white. The simple forms bend and fold revealing a myriad of textures reflecting light and softening edges.

Brinkman received her BA degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology (NY) and studied at the University of Rochester's Creative Workshop (NY). She has exhibited in numerous venues along the East Coast and her work is in both private and corporate collections. Christina currently works from her studio in Southern Florida.


"Nature and organic form help bring direction and orientation to my work. It is usually white, the absence of color or the sum of all colors. Without the distraction of color, one considers the outline, the interior and exterior space, the proportions and the relationships of the form. My normal work is a collection or suite on a theme chosen from my experience. I work on 8 to 12 pieces on a theme and then move on to another. I am never certain of its destination but it is often within the boundaries of the vessel form."


Additional Information:

Birthplace: ROCHESTER, NY