Lilian Garcia-Roig received her BFA degree from Southern Methodist University (TX) and her MFA degree from the University of Pennsylvania. Her work has been exhibited extensively throughout the United States in various venues including the Museum of Contemporary Art (FL), Huntsville Museum of Art (AL), Grace Museum of Art (TX), Michelson Museum of Art (TX), Kemper Art Museum (MO), Art Museum of the America (DC), Florida Museum for Women Artists, Wichita Falls Museum of Art (TX) and the Miami Art Museum (FL). Lilian currently works from her studio in Florida.

I believe in the power of extended looking and suspended thinking as a means to discover things that might otherwise go unnoticed. I believe in the cumulative effects of small actions. The longer I look, the more I see and my “all-day” plein-air paintings have become documents of a real-time process: the accumulation of fleeting moments, the experience of the day. My formal painting concerns have led me to use the conservative landscape as my subject and traditional plein-air painting as my process, in my attempts to reconcile the abstract nature of painting with its representational role. From a distance, I draw the viewer into what is first perceived as a dense but conventional space. Up close, however, the images break down; the lush, gestural paint marks, squeezed-out paint patches and areas of raw canvas help, instead, to reinforce the 2-D character of abstract painting as both an activity and an end-product.

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