Raised and educated on the East Coast, Liberti studied at Buffalo State College with the realist painter Jim Phalen, who had once studied with Bay Area painter Paul Wonner. He shows extensively throughout North Carolina, as well as California and New York.

Liberti currently lives and works out of Charlotte, NC.

"My paintings, which are painted from life, are records of sensations: of what I feel about the things I see. I am forever engaged by the formal possibilities of painting—of color and form together—and my compositions reflect this profound engagement. The act of seeing—which includes attempting to suggest the passing of time while capturing the essence of things—is more important to me than the subjects themselves. Words can sometimes help us to unravel life’s mysteries, but there are other ways to “say” something and painting is one of the most powerful. Eventually (and hopefully) my paintings will stand on their own and allow those who view them a space for contemplation and offer a respite. Of course, a painting can never entirely be what you or I want it to be: it can only be what it needs to become.”

The subject matter in Chris Liberti’s recent paintings comes from his interest in the way the forms around him can be re-configured and made to work together. Whether Liberti is painting rooflines, bookshelves, palm trees or telephone poles, he sees them not as isolated elements, but as part of a larger scheme. In his carefully carpentered compositions, Liberti joins the edges of forms and the spaces that surround them into remarkably pleasing and luminous paintings. Strikingly balanced, Liberti’s canvases manage to be both highly-organized and free at the same time. Liberti has a feeling for paradox and knows how to create unexpected harmonies of form and color.


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