In a blend of realism and impressionism, artist Deborah Squier creates an intimate interpretation of the landscape around us. Her luminous, atmospheric paintings capture the subtle light and rich colors of nature.

“My focus is on the Appalachian landscape, not only the terrain we’ve come to know with its varied and distinct mountain vistas and lush veil of atmosphere but the ongoing daily relationship we have with the land. Our relationship with the natural world is constant and profound. The experience is both organic and mystical. I am ever grateful for the transcendent quality of life afforded by these ancient mountains. They teach me and they touch me deeply. It is my deepest hope that as we deepen our awareness of this complex and beautiful relationship with Nature, we can begin to heal the earth and ourselves.” — Deborah Squier

Squier received a BA degree from the University of North Carolina. She was a student at the Boston Museum School and of the late Donald Gordon Squier, a landscape painter and family portraitist for General George S. Patton and family. Her work is in the collections of the Biltmore Estate (NC) and Jonesboro Storytelling Center (TN).

Deborah currently works from her studio in North Carolina.

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