Ceramics Invitational
November 15, 2018 - January 4, 2019
Ceramics Invitational

The Ceramics Invitational is an exhibition that brings attention to the diverse approaches used in making ceramic artworks. Each artist has accepted this invitation as a catalyst to create a new body of work for the show. The new ceramic works from 12 artists include figurative, utilitarian, sculptural, and conceptual pieces. There will be works full of color and personality, some more utilitarian and natural looking, others made of porcelain, and some with printmaking.

Collectors visit this region to take in the abundance of craft produced here, particularly works made of clay. Blue Spiral 1 represents a number of ceramicists, many of whom are exploring new ways of creating their work. The upcoming Ceramics Invitational is an opportunity to not only show off these explorations, but also to invite new artists into the gallery. The exhibit will focus on clay as both a functional and sculptural medium, with artworks that examine traditional methods and contemporary expression.” - Candace Reilly, Assistant Director + Curator


Christina Brinkman, Pattie Chalmers, Josh Copus, David Eichelberger, Michael Kline, Eric Pardue, Don Penny, Jessica Putnam Phillips, Thomas Schmidt, Michael Sherrill, Kathy Triplett, Shalene Valenzuela, Kensuke Yamada

The Opening Reception for this exhibition will be held on Thursday, November 15th from 5-8pm.