Skoonberg received her BFA degree from the University of Georgia. Her work has been exhibited at various venues throughout Georgia and Hannah is preparing for a solo exhibition at the Georgia State Botanical Gardens in 2012.

Hannah currently works from her studio in Georgia.

“My art is an effort to connect the spiritual beauty I find in trees with my Zen Buddhist practice and with Eastern aesthetic influences. It is part of my practice to be aware of beauty within the everyday experience, especially in regards to trees. I think of printmaking and specifically the carving relief blocks as a meditative process and a valid spiritual expression. Printmaking, a time consuming and repetitive process, becomes a devotional experience. The creation of art becomes ritual.

My work is influenced by Chinese and Japanese Zen landscape painters and printmakers who were able to express the connection between nature and emptiness. Similar to Buddhist meditation, making art is an investigation into who I am. Trees and nature are an important symbol in Buddhism. My careful mark making is an expression of love for my subject. My goal is to inspire viewers to take a second look at how their life intersects with nature and to consider it more carefully.”

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