“I turn many types of forms and objects including bowls, platters, hollow forms, goblets, boxes, pepper mills, wine bottle stoppers, pens, etc., but my main focus is on hollow forms. I also like to embellish my turnings by piercing, burning, coloring, carving, and texturing.”


An accomplished furniture maker, Harvey Meyer worked with wood for many years before he started turning vessels in 2000. He focuses his practice on creating a "basket illusion," in which a turned piece resembles an intricately woven basket. 


Meyer enjoys demonstrating at woodturning clubs and symposia, as well as teaching. He works in his studio located in the basement of his home. He is an active member of the Georgia Association of Woodturners, Atlanta Woodturners Guild, and the American Association of Woodturners. Meyer has exhibited throughout the US and has been featured in numerous publications. 

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