The photographs of John Dickson embrace the beauty of scenes nestled in the Southern Highlands where he grew up. Dickson received his BA and MBA degrees from the University of North Carolina. John currently works from his studio in North Carolina. John’s images have been published in “Our State”, “Blue Ridge Country”, the “North Carolina Banker Magazine” and “Heartstone”.

"There are many men and women I admire, many I don’t. Those I do admire have certain distinct and definable qualities. They are the same characteristics I find in these Southern Highlands where I grew up and where I live. This land has strength, purpose, permanence, simplicity, intimacy, infinity, elegance and grace. These qualities are not static, as their intensities may expand and contract. Nor are they mutually exclusive, as their boundaries may and do cross. They are the same values I find in friendship. They make a lasting marriage. I embrace them in the last mile to the top. I hear them in good music. I feel them in good writing. I see them in fine art. I participate in them and understand them more completely through photography."


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