The handcrafted functional pots by ceramist Matt Jones are inspired by the traditional ceramics made in the Carolinas during the 19th and 20th Centuries. The shapes and simple decorations of his storage jars, pitchers, teapots and large garden planters make subtle reference to this historic past.

Jones received a degree from Earlham College (IN). He has exhibited to a large extent throughout the Eastern United States. His ceramics can be found in numerous collections including the Mint Museum of Craft + Design (NC).

"It is important that my work is grounded in the Carolina traditions that go back 150 years, but I feel quite free to incorporate a modern sensibility and ideas from other cultures. This approach keeps me interested and enthusiastic and seems appropriate for modern tastes and needs. Beauty and aesthetic pleasure should be integrated into the simple daily rituals that sustain us, from pouring tea to putting flowers in a vase. I am proud to make strong, functional wares out of locally dug clay, walking the tight rope between our cultural past and twenty-first century tastes.”

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