The art of basketry takes on a contemporary spin in the work of Patti Quinn Hill.

The baskets are woven of 100% cotton heavyweight archival paper with metallic thread lashing. First the paper is painted on both sides using a number of different types of surface design techniques. Then the paper is cut into strips and woven. The curl embellishments are a second layer added on top of the weaving. A coating of UV polymer varnish is brushed on each finished piece.

Hill has taught her craft at numerous art schools throughout the Southeast. Her work has been exhibited across the United States including the Ogden Museum of Southern Art (LA), Arkansas Art Center (AR) and the Burroughs-Chapin Museum (SC). Patti currently works from her studio in North Carolina.

“My work is based on traditional structures, including Shaker, Nantucket and Native American influences. I combine these traditional techniques with a contemporary spin giving my pieces their own voice. Working in the medium of archival paper allows me to explore and have fun with technique, structure, color and detail. Basket making is meditative, relaxing and has a rhythm that I find pleasurable.”

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