Ron Ruble created a collection of etchings between 1973 and 1980. His imagery ranges from figurative and botanical to surreal landscape compositions. Blue Spiral 1 invites you to look back at that work from this time and bring it to the present.

Since making these prints, Ruble has also become a collector of prints from a significant number of other printmakers. "For me, collecting art has grown from a pleasurable habit into an urge...It fulfills some need to become the caretaker of something fine and special. The Collection has evolved over a period of fifty years or so, and is still developing each day. It continues to be a joy for me." In the collection, the assembled pieces exemplify the vitality and resurgence that took place from the mid-forties to the present time. It is an excellent snapshot of the innovative spirit by printmaking notables and provides examples of work in a variety of mediums, i.e., etching, lithographs, wood engravings, silk screenings, and intaglio.

Ron Ruble lives and works in Wisconsin in summer and in Florida in winter.

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